Bathroom Inspiration

Renovating a house is no where near as much fun as shows like the block makes it out to be.  When we first started I imagined us smashing out amazing transformations every week.. but here we are 2 years later and its more like extension cord booby traps, saw dust in every crevice and wall holes that you hope are closed before snake season. (insert eye roll emoji).
Renovating a house yourself is tiring, hard work and takes a lot of patience, but everytime i walk into our house and see what we are creating i get excited. My husband is a builder and has hand crafted so many pieces in our house. It is those details that have made a half run down house our home.
Our next project is the bathrooms and laundry and i have been hitting up pinterest and some of my favourite design blogs for inspiration. These are some of my top picks.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
If you are renovating or even redecorating these blogs are definitely worth checking out:
The Design Files:
Get in My Home:

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