A day on the farm..

If you have been following us for a while now you would have noticed that we live in the country side. We are based in a little town of 3000 people called Condobolin. Living 6 hours away from a busy city or beach can be tough at times, but it definitely has its perks. Wide open spaces, night skies full of stars, crisp fresh air and being able to escape into complete peace and quite when you need to.  We love living in such a tight knit community which is full of kind and generous people. We are currently experiencing one of the worst floods our area has seen in 50 years and amongst the devastation our beautiful community is rallying together to support and encourage our famers who have lost most of there crops, livestock and have been evacuated from their homes. It's things like this that make us appreciate small town living. 
A few weeks ago we did a little photo shoot with a couple of our cute locals. Set at a beautiful farm house on the creek, with a wrap around veranda, 14 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. There are so many hidden treasures out in the country and always something new to discover.
Check out the photos and let us know why you love living where you live?

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  • erika

    This house is gorgeous. I grew up in the country and absolutely loved it. When my girls are school age we are planning to move back to the country, but maybe not as small as 3000 people. x

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