Catching up with River from TheWolfPackMrs

 Photography by Bec Hanford @bechannaford


Who is River Bennett? 

I am a down-to-earth (hopefully. Ha.) Aussie girl. 

Wife and mother of three boys. Founder of and co-founder of .Photographer. Writer. Creative Dreamer (which can keep me awake most nights!). And someone who is super-passionate about seeing people do what they are on the planet to do. 

 What inspires you? 

People. I am obsessed with people! They inspire me no end. Every time I meet someone new, I am fascinated with their story and how they came to be who they are. I believe we have so much to learn from each other. I get inspired by their life and their ideas on the world around us. 

I am also a huge lover of the Arts. 

My grandmother was an artist and my mum and dad are also insanely talented so I grew up surrounded with sculpture and painting and writing. So anything that has been creatively devised, and produced with discipline and hard work makes my heart come alive. 

 Tell us about TheWolfpackMrs…

TheWolfpackMrs is a platform dedicated to "mamas with messy hair and thirsty hearts." It is for women who love to create and invent and design, and also for women who are passionate about raising strong, intelligent, creative children who can make an impact in this world from their early days.

The website is packed with interviews, kids fashion (modeled by my own Wolfpack), inspiring blogs, and delicious recipes from our amazing contributors. I also share a little insight into my life as a mother and artist. 

The purpose of TheWolfpackMrs is to inspire people to take a good look at what they do have, and to go after the dream in their heart. There is nothing more rewarding for me than when I get an email saying TheWolfpackMrs has inspired someone to start the dream that has been brewing in their heart for some time. And it's a huge compliment to know this website is now connecting with a lot of guys too! 

What does your day off look like? 

I try really hard to have a day off every week, and usually it lands on a Saturday, so my favourite thing to do is to stay in bed late while my husband cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Bacon and eggs is usually on the menu and, (he will love me for saying this), when it comes to coffee, no one makes a long, black quite like him. 

Once we have eaten, we go and explore the outside world. We may head to the beach, or soak up the city, or find a hidden café, or hit the markets.  As long as I'm outdoors I'm happy. 

What is one thing you would say to someone about unleashing creativity? 

I believe creativity begets creativity.  It's like a muscle. You have to use it or it's strength and power will lie dormant in you. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

So, I would say it’s searching out the things that set your heart on fire, educating yourself on every aspect of it, and seeking out true beauty at all costs. It is all around us, and in seeking it I believe we will find it. 

Also, make sure you surround yourself with people who "get it" - the Dreamers, and the people who push creative boundaries, the people that you can trust. Vibe off each other and share ideas. Seeing and hearing someone else’s perspective is also key to unleashing your own creativity. 


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