Mini Rodini Explorer Range

Words and pictures by Rebecca Wiggins 

Although we are headed into a glorious Spring Summer season we as a family of four are headed into a European Winter to explore.

We are looking forward to this adventure which we will share (ok lets be honest, over share) on @thirteenredshoesblog,  and as a result we are delighted at the fact that we now have access to the European  Autumn/Winter collections now.   We can gather perfect items from the European Children's’ wear labels to our hearts content and as an added bonus we can wear straight away.  

As many of the brands release clothing that can be worn across all seasons it is delightful that Mini Rodini still has this magical winter collection which is truly designed for the clod.  I think this is in part due to the fact that the children's wear label was founded in 2006 by Sweedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin.  The Sweedish climate is very different from the Australia climate.  In the southern parts of Sweden (the warmest areas) the temperature on average is between 4 and -2 degrees  during their winter so it can get rather cold.  


The Siberia Jacket and Alaska cap in green with a small dot, will be our staples for our time away.  Both pieces fit both boys, albeit a big on the large side for the littlest,  so they will be the perfect combination for late night walks and cold days in Europe.  They have also been perfect for us in the snow and on cold mornings we experience on our little island. 


The all weather clothing has a new finish which is not harmful to the environment.  At times when brands point out all the things wrong with certain methods of fabric construction I  feel so uneducated.  Fluorocarbons are used as a water protection on garments.  These fluorocarbons take a long time to break down and as a result is now found in our waterways and in nature.  Sadly these fluorocarbonsm, according to Mini Rodini, have terrible health consequences.  Mini Rodini now use  BIONIC-FINISH® ECO which is made with an alternative technique and is completely fluorocarbon-free. Mini Rodini believe that since they are working with children's clothes, the control of chemical use and measures taken for long-term sustainability is of the utmost importance.   I agree!   The Siberia jacket is part of Mini Rodini's Explorer series, which consists of  functional and durable outerwear, produced to be warm, water-resistant, highly breathable and withstand almost any kind of weather. Siberia is the most advanced winter jacket in Mini Rodini's line of products and is stocked by Winnie & B.  Lucky us!

 Shop this Jacket and the Mini Rodini AW15 collection here 

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