A moment with Hannah from Blonde and Bone.

Words and Images by Hannah Whitehead.

Hello my name is Hannah Whitehead and I am a designer, blogger and most importantly mother based in Whangarei New Zealand. I became a mother at the age of 20 and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Frankie 6 months after my 21st birthday in November 2014. Today I will be sharing with you my story.

I was never expecting to become a mother this young. My husband and I saw ourselves becoming parents in our mid to late twenties but sometimes the universe has other plans for you. My pregnancy started with a rough start as I was one of the lucky ones that got 20 weeks of all day sickness. The next 20 weeks however were a blissful mix of baby kicks and gaining huge amounts of weight that is only acceptable while being pregnant. 

The thing I wasn't prepared for however was the birth! No amount of classes and hours of talking to others can prepare you for the journey that is labour. Yet again I found myself on the rough end of the stick with 2 and a half days of contractions before our sweet girls made her entrance into the world. I had a birth plan of a peaceful birth with only gas and air but this went out the window at 2am in the morning and I ended up with almost every pain medication under the sun. It was all worth it, every second of it when at 6am the following morning we finally met the baby we had been dreaming of for the past 9 months. A head of fine red hair the colour of copper and the darkest eyes I have ever seen, she was literally my definition of perfect!

I found the newborn phase the easiest. Frankie was a dream only waking once a night to be fed and sleeping the majority of the day. We were blessed with a baby that started to 'sleep through' at around 12 weeks and for that I will always be thankful. That being said I still have my daily 'nap wars' with her which sometimes I come out on top of other times she wins hands down. 

These past months have challenged me more than anything else has in my 22 years of life. I have learnt to be softer, kinder and more compassionate but at the same time motherhood has made me strong, a fighter that would give anything for this small human I created. You cannot describe motherhood to anyone that is yet to experience the feeling for themselves. It is the hardest thing but I don't think there is one of us out there that would trade it for the world!


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