Flower Power

Words and Pictures by Alexandra Vidler 

Instagram @alexxvidler

Flowers have always been apart of my life. My mother has always taken pride in her garden and we’ve always had flowers decorating our home. My mum’s garden is still ridiculously stunning and it is where I gather my materials and inspiration.  

One of the main reasons I love flowers is that I can create little things with them by just appreciating and using their natural beauty. I usually make little pictures or flower mandalas on the ground, but I thought it would be fun to create something different on this beauty. 

I don't know much about flowers, apart from the fact that I love them and always want to be surrounded by them. I seriously admire and envy the people who study, grow and know the specifics about flowers. It is my dream to one day study and work in this area, in the mean time i have fun making little creations with what ever i can get my hands on. 

Living in a small country town there are limitations in terms of the type of flowers i have access to. Most of the time i collect them from my mum’s garden, which my great grandmother established when they bought the farm over 50 years ago. I’m pretty blessed! I know I probably sound biased, but it’s seriously rad. My nan has a sweet garden in town as well, and of course, being the best nan ever, she lets me take whatever I want. Plus my best friends own the local nursery  and they let me use any of their floral goodness, which is a cool bonus.

Playing around with flowers is loads of fun and gets the inner creative, that is within everyone, flowing. I love that nature is accessible to everyone and whether you just want to appreciate it or get creative with it, it is there for our enjoyment. Hopefully i have inspired you to look around your garden (or your neighbours) and enjoy the view, maybe even pick a few and see what you can come up with. 

Alexandra xx 




  • Bella

    Such talent! Makes me want to get my inner florist out!

  • Amber

    The last one is definitely my fave. Awesome stuff Alexandra xx

  • Shelly

    Nature is beautiful. Inspiring article. I’m excited to go outside and explore. Thanks Alexandra

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