The Journey of Becoming a Mum of Two.

Words and Pictures By Jodie Elliott

I have always wanted to have kids but had never been an overly maternal type of person. I thought babies were cute but enjoyed them more when they could walk, talk and go to the toilet by themselves. Not long after I was married, we found out we were pregnant. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was devastated. We had just got married and were setting up our house and our life together. We had big plans to travel overseas and after several years of working contract to contract I had been given a permeant position at my dream job. At the time I thought my life had come to and end and all my dreams had been shattered. It took me about 5 months to get over the shock and embrace the idea that i was going to be a mum and that it would all be ok. 

On the 15th October 2013, after a long and traumatic labour and birth experience we welcomed Banjo into our world. From the moment we met him, we were in love. His little hands and feet were moving like crazy and they haven't stopped since. He is full of life, always keeps us laughing and we couldn't imagine a better life then the one we have with him in it. 

About 6 months after Banjo was born, I had been having some health issues and was advised that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). After several specialist appointments I was told that it would be almost impossible for me to have another child. I was again devastated at the news but for a completely different reason. I was so in love with Banjo and being a mum and the thought that I may not be able to experience that again was so hard to take. 

Twelve months after hearing this news I met with a specialist to discuss other options for having a baby. Before I was able to commence any treatments we found out that I had become pregnant naturally. I remember going to the first ultrasound and being so scared that they would not find anything, but sure enough there was a little baby. We felt like the most blessed people on the Earth.

At around 20 weeks I had my normal mid pregancy scan. I was so excited to see how much our little baby had grown. Following the scan the radiographer had made some comments that seemed a little odd. When we were called in to get the results we were told that the scan had shown an abnormality with the babies cerebellum. Several days after we travelled to a nearby city and had another scan. Lying on the bed watching this little baby move around hoping and praying that they would find nothing was one of the scariest things I have been through. A few hour later we attended the specialist office and were told that they were not sure what happened but they could not longer find any abnormalities. My husband and I burst into tears. I have never experienced so many emotions in such a short amount of time. 

Our little Miracle baby arrived on February 10th, 2015. Due to the complication I had during delivery with Banjo she was born by Caesarian and weighed in at just a little over 6lbs.  


After Saige was introduced to our big extended family, my husband and I spent some time with her and Banjo. I remember looking at them both and being overwhelmed with love and thankfulness. That even though I had never really seen myself as a mum I now had been entrusted with two precious lives that were all mine. 

Now I have a crazy two year and a half year old and today my little baby girl is 5 months old. I love my life and everyday I am thankful that I get to be a mum and watch these two grow into all that they want to be. In comparison to some peoples journey mine seems somewhat insignificant, but for me personally I have learnt so much about myself and grown in ways I never thought I would be able to. Every time I hold Saige I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. I now try to live my life being grateful for everything and always trying to look for the positives in situations. Sometimes what we perceive to be life's biggest interruptions can become our greatest gifts. 

I remember seeing this quote, "If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand that magnitude of the battle you are fighting." That was my go to quote during some difficult times we faced. Hopefully that inspires someone. Thanks for reading! 

Jodie xx 



  • Sarah

    Another great story thank you for sharing.

  • Winnie & B

    That is extremely weird and our names are even spelt the same. Haha x

  • Jodie

    What a lovely story – as a weird aside, my name is also Jodie Elliott and my husband is Scott as well….creepy yeah?!? Also two kids (eldest a boy and youngest a girl). It just weirded me out a little and I had to mention it! Xx

  • Sam

    Beautiful story and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience x

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