Welcoming Baby Number 2

By Sarah Lambros


I was asked by the girls at Winnie and B to share a little about welcoming baby number 2 into our family. I love hearing other people's birth stories so I was rather pleased that I was given an opportunity to share a little about my own experience. 

I always knew I wanted to be a mother, from a young age I loved spending time with children and I knew that I wanted to have my own family. 2 years after I got married I fell pregnant with my first child. It was such an exciting time. We didn't find out the sex of the child so it was 9 months of wondering who this little person would be. I had a very easy pregnancy and loved being pregnant. In May 2011 our son Jax made his debut into the world. I had a very long labour with several complications and intervention, however I did manage to push him out. Nothing went to plan and the weeks following were very tough recovering from the birth. Fortunately Jax was a very easy baby but the first few weeks of his life weren't filled with the blissful moments I had imagined. I became terribly anxious from my traumatic birth, failure to breast feed and my damaged physical state. I lost site of the miracle that was just created. For 18 months I carried on feeling unlike myself. Fortunately with the help of my family and a few close friends I started to enjoy my life as a mother and began to relax and enjoy Jax the way I should.

I found my groove when Jax was almost 2. I got back into the things I enjoyed. I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum  so I had plenty of time with Jax and decided to focus my energy into something creative. In 2013 Two and Jax was founded. With a close fri
end we started screen printing from my garage and soon after opened an online store on Etsy selling prints for children's interiors. Instagram was the perfect platform to share our work and soon out prints were travelling across the globe. It was just some fun and and more importantly a creative outlet for me. 
Having a focus outside the day to day duties of motherhood really helped me find myself again. Everything fell into place and in November of 2013 I fell pregnant again. I just knew that this second pregnancy and birth was going to be different and it had to be better then the first. I trusted my body and focused my energy on Jax and these last few months of one on one. It was a very special time and with Jax being 3 he understood what was happening. In July 2014 I gave birth to my second son Jed. It was the dream birth. 4 hrs drug free water birth. It was the most empowering wonderful experience and it was love all over again and some. 
Becoming a mum for the second time brought all the feelings I missed the first time. Breastfeeding was something I felt I missed out on with Jax, I persevered for weeks and have been exclusively nursing Jed for almost 6 months now. I'm much more relaxed within myself and less fixated on routine. Every day my heart grows bigger watching my boys form a relationship. Jed's arrival has definitely brought our family closer together.
I've definitely enjoyed having a newborn and I often have thoughts about a third but for the moment I'm just enjoying this happy place I'm in with my family. 

Words by Sarah Lambros

Pictures remain the property of Sarah Lambros 

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  • Elizabeth

    Lovely read. Had a similar experience myself and comforting to know that things can be better second time around. You have a beautiful family x

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