Faces behind Winnie & B.

We have loved spending the last year getting to know all our customers better. We love scrolling through our instagram feed seeing new pictures of your daily adventures and thought it was time we shared a little about ourselves. 


1. I was born and raised in Condobolin, NSW but spent 3 years living in Orange. 
2. I have always lived in the country, but every time i drive into Sydney i feel like i am home. 
3. I have pretty much completed my bachelor of nursing but now thinking i want to do Nutrition... who wants to do shift work for the rest of their life?
4. Everyday i wake up thinking, 'today is the day i get organised'. 
5. I had pretty normal birth with Winter, she was going to be called Feather up until the day she was born. 
6. God is a big part of my life and i am grateful for my church family. 
7. I go to the gym everyday, and i actually love it.
8. I love clean eating but sometimes a girl needs chocolate...right? I'm talking double chocolate ice cream with Caramelo Koalas and nutella.  
9. I am a single mum and although at times it is hard, Winnie is the best thing that ever happened to me.
10. I am totally attracted to anything glittery.
11. I come from a musical family and when i feel like i need some down time i love nothing more then playing the piano. 
12. One day i will live in New York (even if its only for 2 weeks) 
13. I wish i was more encouraging, this is my current self improvement goal. 
14. I have travelled around Europe and been to India, Singapore and Papua New Guinea.
15. I love fashion and i know one day i will own a Prada bag. 




1. I was born and raised in Narrandera, NSW but now live with my little family in Condobolin 'Condo'.  
2. I need to have a coffee in the morning to function. 
3. I have been married for just over three years to the best looking Red Headed, Red Bearded man around.
4. I love eating delicious food... Cammay is my chef.
5. We are having our second baby in February via C Section, there is nothing natural about labour.
6. My husband is a builder and i thought that would mean renovating a house with a baby would be easy... i was wrong. 
7. I find it hard to plan beyond today. I love surprises and doing things spontaneously, mainly because i am sooooo unorganised.  
8. I can't keep any plants alive… including succulents.  
9. Im a night owl, the mornings and me haven't quite hit it off yet. 
10. I have never really imagined myself as a mum. Banjo came as a surprise and is the funniest, most amazing little human in the world.
11.  I have a degree in Criminal Justice and worked for 5 years in the justice system. I am now loving doing something a little more creative. 
12. I feel energised being around people, I'm not really an alone time person. 
13. Jesus changed my life. 
14. I love live music, watching someone express themselves creatively is the best.
15. I am a hoarder and i keep everything... wrapping paper, bottles, business cards, leaves, buttons anything.  






Pictures from our personal instragram pages @cammayrose & @jodieelliott 


 Love Cammay and Jodie xx 




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