Planning The Perfect Pink Party

By Jessica Prince-Campbell 

 So last month my baby turned three & we had a pink party to celebrate! The lovely ladies at Winnie & B asked if I could share some tips on planning the perfect pink party. I have held  three parties to date, all pink & all for my daughter Bebe. I am far from party planning expert but as it turns out, little Bebe is very easily pleased. Every year I am more organised & more excited! The perfect pink frou -frou dress, pink cake pops, party hats & fairy bread are all essential. There are a couple of other little things we love too.

 Each year I like to buy a really great decorating piece, something that has some Wow factor. I love getting the party box out in the lead up to Bebe's birthday & seeing the treasures we have collected from previous years. Every year that box gets a little fuller. 

 This garland was something I made for Bebe's first birthday. It is 11m long & involved a lot of late nights of cutting & tying but so worth it. It's the first thing to be hung every year & it's so unique & beautiful like Bebe. The thing I love most about it is that I made it for Bebe & she will have it forever.It's not something that she will outgrow & she can add other colours to it if she wishes.

 For me, a beautiful children's party has balloons. Lots of them, in different shapes & sizes. If balloons aren't your thing I would still consider a number balloon of your littles age, they are huge & make a great backdrop for photos. Getting balloons blown up can be ridiculously expensive so each year I've hired a helium tank & blown them up myself.

If you are in Australia, Spotlight have tanks you can hire in different sizes depending on your needs. (We usually go with the $80 tank that allows enough helium for 100 balloons. I love the large 90cm balloons which obviously take a lot more helium than your standard size) 

 I think it's lovely to have an area you can take photos with a pretty background. This year I decorated our wall with a tissue garland but previous years I've used a large piece of fabric which I attached to the wall. It gave us a floral background in photos & looked great too. 


The dessert table is another great way to inject some pink in to your party. You can fill glass jars, tea pots & vases with pink lollies & iced cookies. It won't just look beautiful but the littles will love it too! I always have some pink flowers scattered in different size vases on the tables as well.



 So far I haven't had games at our parties, most of the children have been so little I haven't felt the need for them. We have hired a jumping castle every year though & it is definitely money well spent. Whether Bebe was turning 1, 2 or 3  she & her little friends loved the jumping castle. Her excitement on discovering it the morning of the party has always been worth it alone. 

 Cooking is definitely not my special talent, I have always made Bebe's birthday cakes though. If you can make a butter cake & ice it there are so many easy & cool ways you can decorate it. Bebe is obsessed with animals so this year I made little party hats for some of her tiny friends & topped my cake off with them. It was so simple but looked amazing. If your child loves Sonny Angels, Pepper Pig, dinosaurs.. Any little toys like this are great cake toppers & make it really special for them. 

 Next year Bebe will be turning 4 & I already have some ideas for her birthday party. There will be face painting, pass the parcel & maybe a little cupcake decorating too. Before all that though I have my baby boys first birthday party in September.. Without pink! Wish me luck! 


Thank you for reading my little piece, I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to see more snippets of Bebe's birthday party you can find us on Instagram @bebeandprince


Words by Jessica Prince-Campbell, 
Photos remain the property of Jessica Prince-Campbell.


Where Jessica shopped-
Assorted balloons, glitter party crowns & straws from
Custom tissue garland & balloon with tassel tail from Divine Drops 
Tulle pom-poms from
Felt ball garland from
Wool pom pom garland from
Similar glass jars available from

Bebe wears-
Dress & head piece from
Silver leggings from Beau Loves available at
Faux fur jacket from Target (last season)


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  • Katie

    Great read and great tips! Now I can not wait for my girls 3rd Birthday.

  • Jes

    Love this! Especially the little animals on the cake! Total inspiration for Jetts first birthday, I’ve only got 9 1/2 months left to plan, I’d better hop to it!! haha.

  • lisa

    Love this Jes! Lots of great ideas and I really love the garland you made.

  • Lyndsie

    Fantastic piece, very helpful and inspiring

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