The real truth about carrot sticks and celery

So time to get honest… a couple of months ago after much discussion about losing weight and getting fit we decided to join a group and get serious about it. Initially we were preparing ourselves to starve. We went to the supermarket, bought the whole town out of carrots and celery sticks and commenced drinking 10 litres of water a day. This lasted all of 24 hours! 

Over the next couple of weeks, as we spent time with a group of ladies from all walks of life who were keen to get their health on track, we learnt that it's not so much about what you can't eat and more about making the choice to fuel your body with what is going to help you live a full and healthy life.

So, as busy mums, working part time, running a business and being the house maid, here are some tips that we have found helpful.

1.  Get yourself ORGANISED…. (ok so we are not the best at this YET!) Plan out your meals, make a shopping list and try to stick to it. Not only does this make it easier when you do your dash to the supermarket, but it also takes the pressure away from trying to think up a meal at the last minute. 


2. Be creative with what you have. So many people say 'think outside the box' when it comes to creativity, but we find this leaves too many options open for excuses. Think inside the box and be creative with what you have access to. We live in a small country town with not a lot of variety in our local supermarkets but you would be surprised with the delicious things you can do with your basic ingredients. One of our personal favourites.. Banana ice cream. (Chop up a ripe banana, freeze it over night, take it out for 5 minutes, blend and enjoy)


3. Value You, because you are valuable. Take the time to stop and appreciate who you are, what you achieve in a day and the amount of people who function because you do. Life is beautiful, open your eyes and spend some time appreciating the small things around you.







(1. Winnie hates unplanned shopping trips,  2. Banjo appreciating what we have,   3. our beautiful home town can really put on a show) 

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